Biocoffee Adventure

About This Tour

Our BIOCOFFEE tour… consists of showing you the coffee milling process in the largest and most well-known coffee producing region in Costa Rica.

We will visit Coopedota, one of the largest coffee mills of the region, where we will see the entire coffee process, from plant to cup. The tour is surrounded by workers and townspeople alike, since the idea is that you have the chance to co-exist with our people.

Next, we will visit a certified organic coffee plantation, where the objective is to create environmental consciousness in each tour. We will see a plantation combined with forest, ecological agriculture and modern techniques to avoid wasting a precious resource, water.

Oh! And before we forget, you will be able to participate in an unforgettable coffee-tasting. The idea of this tour is to create awareness in our visitors about the importance of producing organic coffee in order to protect our natural resources.