Bio Coffee Tour (Dota)

Our BIOCOFFEE tour… enables you to experience, first hand, the coffee milling process in the largest and most well-known coffee-producing region in Costa Rica.
We will visit Coopedota, one of the largest coffee mills of the region, where we will see the entire coffee process, from plant to cup. Local people and workers are integral to this experience, giving you a chance to get to know our community/People.

Next, we will visit a certified organic coffee plantation, who’s objective is to create environmental consciousness through each one of their tours.

We will see a plantation that uses modern and environmentally friendly agricultural techniques to work in harmony with the forest and local environment in order to avoid wasting our precious resource, water.

Oh! And before we forget, you will be able to participate in an unforgettable coffee tasting. The idea of this tour is to create awareness in our visitors about the importance of producing organic coffee in order to protect our natural resources.


What to bring?

For all tours we recommend to bring comfortable hiking shoes, lightweight clothes, swimwear, extra clothes, insect repellent, sunscreen, hat, umbrella or raincoat and the most important good sense of humor.

General Policies