About Us

We are a tour operator and organization of volunteer projects (Green Communities) at santos region Costa Rica… The path to a new form of tourism!

Santos tours was established in 2003 as a community support organization in Los Santos area by two students of Tourism Administration of the Cartago Community College: Jonathan Cerdas and Carlos Marin. The pristine beauty of their native land inspired them to develop an organization to support local communities using rural tourism and adventure. Santos Projects combines these two elements with a concern for the social issues of the local communities and environmental conservation. Santos Projects provides guidance, education and inspirational environmental consciousness to more than 70 families who otherwise would not have such opportunities due to the remote location of their communities.

Rural Tourism


We believeCloudss that working with local communities directly is the most effective way to raise awareness about the environmental and conservation challenges. Los Santos region has been promoted as one of the best destinations for rural community tourism through its participation in various national tourism and commercial fairs.

We has many objectives within the communities of Los Santos area. The major goal is to transform the vision of community members and show them that there are many sustainable ways to improve their way of living, thus helping the planet where we all live. Volunteers are a key element in this process, because they help improve different local projects.

We received a certification from the Costa Rica National University for being the only local organization supporting the development of sustainable farms in the region. Santos Projects receives support from US and Canadian volunteer organizations.

We received a donation biodiesel Machine from International Student Volunteer to produce biodiesel for the ecological coffee famers.


Santos Tour main mission is to create a new relationship with tourism

  • Responsible: So we honor every one and everything involved in our programs.
  • Social: We intend to give the ownership of our tourist resources to our local communities.
  • Educative: So that we all learn about our world and how to care for it. while having fun.
  • Transformative: Because in this process we all change, through wonderful fun and creative.

Come, visit us, and lets do it together.